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Tried Night Golf in Jakarta Before?

16 January 2020

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Not everyone can get to the golf course in daylight hours due to work and other commitments and that makes the availability of night golf in Jakarta very important.

Night golf works by having floodlights around the golf course and this illuminates the playing surface, making it possible to start a round after dark.

If you have ever dreamed of playing golf but have not been able to find the time, night golf in Jakarta could be the answer to your problem.

Not only is playing night golf a great option for those busy during the day, but it is also worth trying it for fun regardless of whether you can play in daylight.

The experience of playing under the lights is like no other in golf and the atmosphere is fantastic.

Senayan National Golf Club Night Golf in Jakarta

Arguably the best night golf in Jakarta can be found at Senayan National Golf Club.

This was formerly known as Kebayoran Golf Course and Klub Golf Senayan. Golf architect Robert Moore Jr. was asked to redesign the course in 2012.

Senayan National Golf Club

It was renamed Senayan National Golf Club following the refurbishment.

The golf course has seen a dramatic improvement at Senayan National Golf Club and the facilities have also been updated.

Senayan National Golf Club Rates 2020

However, it is the addition of the floodlights which make this golf course special and playing night golf in Jakarta is an experience every golfer must enjoy.

The 18-hole course has been equipped with LED floodlights and these provide more than enough light to play a fantastic round of golf.

Night View!!!

If the heat is too much during the day when the sun is beating down, night golf in Jakarta means you can play in the cool night-time air and this is very refreshing.

The lights have been provided by a South Korean company called GigaTera.

They have added lights to some of the most famous sports arenas around the world. Including the Yankee Stadium and Alpensia Sports Park in PyeongChang, where the Winter Olympics were staged.

So, there can be no blaming the lights if you miss a putt when playing night golf at Senayan National Golf Club. Because the lighting is of the highest quality.

Damai Indah Golf & Country Club

If you don’t mind traveling a little further outside the city to play night golf in Jakarta, you should book a tee time at Damai Indah Golf and Country Club.

Damai Indah Golf and Country Club

There are two courses at this venue and the Pantai Indah Kapuk course has held some prestigious tournaments. Including the World Cup of Golf and Indonesia Open.

The course is floodlit in the late afternoon and evenings. Making it one of the leading destinations for night golf in Jakarta.

There are not many golf courses around the globe that offer golf after dark. Having the opportunity to play night golf in Jakarta is a real treat.

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Happy Golfing!!!

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