Playing the beautiful game of golf can be entertaining but also very challenging. This is true especially when you need to be on your feet for 4-5 hours as you play an 18-hole round.

The golf course is expansive and other than walking, your feet also bear a lot of weight and pressure as you swing in the course of the game.

As such, the feet and ankles require some special care and attention to protect them from injuries. Below are some top ways to protect your feet and ankles while on the golf course:-

1. Invest in the right shoes and socks.

Your footwear is very important when it comes to protecting your feet and ankles. This means investing in the right kind of footwear that will not only feel comfortable but also be flexible to enhance your movements.

It’s important that you can quality golf shoes which should come with enough soft spikes to prevent cases of sliding and twisting your ankle during the swing. It’s also good to replace your old shoes if at all they are worn out or have been in use for a while.

If you start sliding or losing traction during the swing, it could be a clear sign that your current footwear needs to be replaced with something newer and of better quality.

Avoid wearing golf shoes that are too tight as these can worsen problems leading to sprained ankles, heel spurs, or even nerve issues. Always make sure your golf shoes are comfortably fitting and have a perfect grip.

2. Warm-up adequately prior to the games.

Warming up is very important before hitting the golf course and taking that first swing. Just like every other sport, it is important for you to take a little bit of your time to stretch which will help loosen things up. This not only helps protect against injuries but also enhances your overall performance as you take your tee shot. Doing heel raises and mini-squats can greatly help put your body in the right posture before the game.

3. Practice and employ proper rotation during the game.

It’s very important to learn how you should always rotate your foot and ankle when taking that swing. This movement alongside hip and trunk rotation plays an important role not only in your performance but also in your overall stability and safety.

You should be able to stretch and loosen your back and hips properly in all planes of movement thus ensuring that your body has rotated to the left or to the right equally.

You can practice parallel club swings as a way of exercising prior to the golf session as warm-up.

4. Don’t over-swing.

Your swings should be done in such a way that they do not stress your joints. It is important to avoid over-swinging and instead always practice to relax and control your tempo.

Moreover, a nice and easy swing at your golf ball will help you achieve your preferred results as the best pro golfers are known to have consistent swing tempos which are not necessarily too fast and vigorous.

5. Always make firm contact with the ground.

The surface you’re playing in can have a great impact on your feet and ankle safety. While wearing quality footwear is one of the surest ways to stay safe throughout your game, making sure that you have solid contact with your ground of play is equally important especially if hitting your golf ball out of sand or uneven terrain.

Always make sure you can solidly feel the ground by hinging at the hips or bending your knees for a little bit more stability.


While golf is an amazing, low-impact game, overuse injuries especially of the ankle and foot are commonly reported. There are also other injuries that are related to the mechanics of the swing and these can be avoided by watching out for how you go about your preparations and actual playing while on the golf course.

In addition to that, just as you would invest in court shoes for pickleball or basketball if you were participating in any of these sports, investing in quality golfing shoes and hardware is important not only for your optimal performance but also for improved safety at all times. In case of a foot or ankle injury, take a break and only resume after healing. Always consult your doctor if the problem persists.

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