One of the best ways to improve the nuances of your game is through technology. In this day and age, our phones are our number one necessity in almost every minute of our lives. Thus, it makes sense that we would explore creative ways to not only improve our golfing skills but also our lives in general through our phones. However, in this article, we’ll be touching on the top 5 best golf swing analysis apps that will substantially improve your golfing skills.

A golf swing app mainly acts as a virtual coach in analyzing and improving your golf swing. These apps help so much in finding your groove to improve your swing and ultimately your game! There are a bunch of golf swing analysis apps out there to choose from which can be tough. Hence, we’ve listed the 5 best golf swing analysis apps for you to try out today!

Best golf swing analysis app

Keep reading to find out what’s the best golf swing analysis app.

1. V1 Golf Swing Analyzer App

Golf Swing Analysis

V1 Golf is a free app with in-app purchases that assists golfers in vastly improving their game. The features you can expect are the slow-motion replay of your recorded golf swings, tools for measuring and highlighting form, and high-quality footage up to 240 frames per second. With that said, the app provides the most help in showcasing your golf swing form in the best possible way while also enabling you to play around with the footage to further provide insight into improving your swing. Moreover, the app features virtual coaches which whom you can connect to get more personal and insightful tips through videos and voice-over lessons.

2. Mirror Vision Golf App

Golf Swing Analysis

Mirror Vision is a free app with in-app purchases that allows golfers to view and replay their golf swings from multiple angles at a time. With this app, you’re able to connect two devices at once to create a “mirror” effect that enables you to judge golf swings better and more concise. Plus, you can connect with your coach to get a better insight into what to improve in your golf swing. The app features playback and slow motion at up to 240 frames per second. In addition to that, you’re also able to stream your golf swing in real-time and the video editing feature is second to none.

3. Swing Profile Golf Analyzer App

Golf Swing Analysis

Swing Profile is a free app with in-app purchases that allow for a more quicker and seamless replay of your golf swings. The app features a hands-free playback of your swings, swing detection, swing sequence generator and auto-draw swing plane. In short, they feature almost every feature you can imagine that will in some way improve your golf swing. Swing Profile also has a feature where you can synchronize two golf swings to compare and contrast. What else can you ask from a golf swing analyzer app especially when they offer you this many tools?

4. Golf Swing Analyzer ++

Golf Swing Analysis

Golf Swing Analyzer ++ is a free app with in-app purchases that offers the most when it comes to analyzing your swings. First off, the app enables apple users to connect their apple watch which is the main feature of the app. The motion sensor from the apple watch tracks your golf swings at 100 samples per second offering an in-depth insight into your swings. Better yet, the app is very self-explanatory and not at all difficult to operate. Plus, there is no need for any calibration whatsoever which saves time and allows for longer practice duration too.

5. Golf SwingPlane

Golf Swing Analysis

Golf SwingPlane is a free app with in-app purchases that allow for reliable and consistent swing analysis. Some features of the app include a simultaneous comparison of two golf swings, video editing and frame-by-frame video analysis of your golf swings. Plus, the app offers an unlimited amount of recording time so you can practice those swings as long as you wish. In addition to that, the app also features tutorial sessions almost everything you would typically find in premium golf apps but for free.


There you have it! These are among the 5 best golf swing analysis apps for you to try out during your next practice session. Hopefully, this article gave you some insight into the choices that are available when it comes to golf swing analysis apps.

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Common FAQs about Golf Swing Analysis apps

Is there a free app to measure golf swing speed?

The Mevo app is available for iOS and Android devices. You can automatically capture video and view overlaid real-time performance data. The parameters measured are: ball and club head speed

Is there an app that tracks Golf shots?

Golfshot available for Android, Apple, Apple Watch, and Android Wear—has free and Pro features. The free version features GPS and your input to track each shot you hit on the course and which club you were using—great data for personal improvement.