Tiger Woods is not only one of the best golfers of all time he is also the highest-earning golfer. Earning a staggering amount of $50-60 million a year, Tiger Woods has a net worth of $900 million. 

Birth of the “Tiger”

On December 30th, 1975, Earl and Tida Woods had a son named Eldrick Tont Woods in Cypress, California. Soon, the world was introduced to Tiger Woods instead. It was said that Eldrick was nicknamed “Tiger” in honor of his father’s friend. A Colonel named Vuong Dang Phong, who was also known as Tiger. 

Major Wins!

With his professional win records, it is easy to realise the reason he is worth so much! Winning the PGA Player of the year 11 times, 15 Major wins (2nd all-time), 81 PGA Tour victories, 41 European tour wins, and 5 Masters wins. His record for staying in the number one position was 683 weeks consecutively! The 2nd place golfer was only 331 weeks! How insane is this record?

Source- The Denver Post

Tiger Woods started his golf career at a very young age. At the age of 8, he won nine out of ten boy’s tournaments at the Junior World Golf Championships and even broke 80 within the same year.

Source- LiveAbout

In total, Tiger has won the Junior World Golf Championship 6 times with a 4 consecutive streak between the years 1988 to 1991. 

Brand Collaboration

In 1996, Tiger turned pro at the age of 20 and immediately signed a deal with Nike and Titleist that is one of the largest endorsement deals in golf history at that time. A year later, he broke 2-records from 1 Major tournament, which was the youngest in the Masters history, and also winning by 12-strokes. 

Source- The Star

The majority of Tiger’s net worth is from endorsement deals he made with major brands like Nike, Gatorade, American Express, Asahi, General Mills (Wheaties), Golf Digest, Rolex, Gillette, Accenture, Tag Heuer, AT&T, EA Sport, NetJets, Upper Deck, TLC Laser Eye Centres, and Buicks.

Source- PGA of America

Tiger Woods Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, they reported that around 92.4% of Tiger’s career earnings were from the endorsements mentioned earlier. A whopping $1.6 billion. 

Source- Business Insider

The other 7.6% of his career earnings were from playing golf. Tiger has earned roughly $118 million by playing in the PGA tour and other tournaments like the Masters etc. 

Tiger also made his first $100 million in just 8 months after turning professional. After winning The Masters in 1997, he signed a $40 million deal with Nike and a $20 million deal with Titleist for over 5 years.

Soon after that, he signed another $30 million deal with American Express for 5 years also. That means, it only took Tiger 264 days after turning professional to earn his first $100 million. In 2000, Tiger signed another Nike deal for $100 million over 5 years. That is just insane to think about it. 

Source- Sportscasting

He is probably the most popular golfer on the face of the earth. He is known to be the money machine with a net worth of 900 million dollars. Tiger woods has achieved his place among the most popular athlete on social media. He is amazingly rich and he has earned it in every possible way.

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