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Subsidised Golf Fees for Women Golfers

15 September 2018

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We’re supporting golfing everywhere we can. Since there are way less women golfing than men, we’d want to encourage more women golfers or golfing amongst women. Introducing subsidised golf fees for women golfers, where we encourage women golfers, or golfers to be, to golf more!

Subsidy Schedule

Country of Golf Course

$ per person that

joins your game

on Deemples

Max $ per game

Max $ per week


SGD 15 SGD 60 SGD 180


MYR 20 MYR 80 MYR 240


IDR 100k IDR 400k IDR 1.2M


THB 200 THB 800 THB 2400


AUD 5 AUD 20

AUD 60

Philippines PHP 400 PHP 1600

PHP 4800

Taiwan TWD 500 TWD 2000

TWD 6000

How to claim:

  1. Screenshot your game on Deemples
  2. Take group pic at the golf course
  3. Post both pictures on FB/IG and tag @deemplesgolf on FB or @deemplesgolfapp on IG
  4. Take pic of receipt, screenshot of your FB/IG post, send receipt and FB/IG screenshots to hello@deemples.com


Terms and Conditions:

    • Only for selected golfers, with prior approval from Deemples
    • You must be the host of the game.
    • Guest players do not count, only real profiles that join counts.
    • Terms to change at anytime, and will be updated on this post. 
    • Termination can be done from both parties at any time in writing.
    • Claims submitted by the 25th of the month will be paid by the 10th of the next month.
    • Same joiner in consecutive games not qualified for claims.


How to Participate:

If you’re keen to participate in this program, write in to us at hello@deemples.com. Once we have a mutual agreement, start creating your games on the Deemples app, and get paid to golf!

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