Have you ever realized that your content viewing experience is only as good as your display and sound output quality? In the same way, your car engine’s performance is only as good as what your tires can deliver to you. (You can have the most powerful engine, but if your tires never touch the road, your car ain’t going nowhere, right?)

Tires to a car are like your display and sound output to the rich content you consume, whether it’s watching Oscar-winning movies, getting work done, or playing some games. Screens are your portal into your everyday digital world, which is why Samsung constantly innovates and focuses on delivering the best TVs to your home. 

You might ask, what is QLED all about?

QLED TVs use advanced color technology called quantum dots for their LED TVs, so the Q = Quantum. Quantum dots are nanocrystals that can emit different colors when exposed to light, which is why the displays are so much clearer and more vivid. 

There’s a bunch of new technology in the new Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV:

  • Neutral Quantum Processor 8K
  • Quantum Matrix Technology Pro
  • Quantum HDR 64X
  • OTS (Object tracking sound) Pro

You can read all about it in the brochure, but basically with these new technologies:

  • Pictures are way more real since it can detect and process objects on the screen against its background for a sense of depth, making you seem like you’re IN the show. 
  • Glare is reduced tremendously when there’s background light present, so no more seeing the reflection of a light coming in from a window. 
  • Brightness and warmth are also adjusted based on the level of light in the room, making it a soothing experience for the eyes, along with controlled blue light for controlled eye health. 
  • Ultra viewing angles give everyone in the house a perfect view, regardless of where you’re sitting and viewing the TV from. 
  • With speakers coming out of all angles of the TV and SpaceFit sound, you get a surround sound that matches what you’re watching, and optimized sound alignment based on the space in the room. 

And if you think all this technology and functionality compromises on design, you can be sure the Samsung Neo QLED 8K is one of the most beautiful TVs you have seen:

  • Infinity Screen makes the TV almost bezel-less, which blends into any background in any home, just like how you see it in futuristic movies. 
  • With it being so slim, if you walk around to see the side profile, the TV almost disappears. 
  • Slim One Connect also helps you with cable management so there’s no clutter behind the TV. What’s a fancy TV if behind the “scenes” are an obscene amount of cable? 
  • And finally, the remote control is solar powered, so you go green, and never have to worry about batteries. 
samsung neo qled

Now aside from the usual TV watching, working and gaming on the Samsung Neo QLED 8K is also da bomb. In today’s age, we spend 8 hours sleeping, 8 hours working, and 8 hours living with family and friends a day. I’m pretty sure for a lot of us, the 16 hours of working + living do involve a heavy amount of screentime, both for entertainment, meetings, gaming, putting spreadsheets together, getting powerpoint decks done, or just relaxing, YouTubing, emailing, and endless scrolls on TikTok, etc. 

Because of this, Samsung made sure to put in a slew of SmartTV features that will make your work-life balanced life more enjoyable. 

  • Super Ultrawide Gameview – gives gamers the option to play not only at the wide 21:9 aspect ratio but even at the ultrawide 32:9 ratio. 
  • Video Call Mirroring – for all your video calls now, instead of doing it from your phone, you can use Tap View to mirror video calls to your TV’s big screen. Now you can talk for hours (not if it’s a work call). 
  • Multi-View feature – if that call becomes too boring and you want to continue working or watching TV, you can do that at the same time with the Multi-View feature!
  • And of course, you can just connect your computer to the Samsung Neo QLED 8K just like how you would any monitor. It’ll just give you so much more clarity for all the mundane things you need to do 🙂 

There’s only so much we can describe here. To get more information head to https://www.samsung.com/my/tvs/qled-tv/highlights/, or to your nearest Samsung authorized dealers today where you can experience firsthand the power of Samsung Neo QLED 8K. Bring your content viewing experience to the next level!