Deemples launched its referral and rewards program to gift credits to golfers as a reward for introducing the Deemples App to friends. Let’s find out more about this Golf rewards program launched by Deemples

Deemples Referral program

Deemples is useful only when more golfers are on the platform. We know a lot of you have recommended your friends to use Deemples in the past (and we thank you immensely for that), but now we wish to encourage you further by incentivizing you to introduce even more friends to use the app.

How to Find the Referral Code

There’s a referral code you can use to share with your friends. It’s located here:

Once your friend gets your referral code, they just have to apply it here:

Every time a new friend uses your link and makes their first payment via Deemples, they get RM30 and you get RM20 in credits!

You can track all your referrals here:

So the more friends you introduce, the more credits you earn!

Deemples Golf Rewards program

Just like any other golf rewards program, Deemples‘ reward programs for golfers allow you to earn credits each time you make a payment via Deemples at any golf course which accepts payments via Deemples.

The number of credits earned will show up here:

If you want to see a history of all credits earned, you can see them here:

How to use credits

You can use credits earned to offset any payments you need to make via Deemples.

Once you join a game on Deemples that accepts payments, select the price that you’re eligible for, then toggle to use the number of credits you have available:

The new amount now shown will be the amount after deducting credits. You can now make payment via any of the methods available in Deemples.

After you make the payment, you’ll still be earning credits:

Frequently Asked Questions about Deemples Golf Rewards Program

1. When do credits show up in my Deemples account after I have referred a friend?

Immediately after your friend has applied your referral code, your friend will get RM30 credited to their Deemples account.

Once your friend has completed his first game with payment made via Deemples, give it 3-5 days and you will see RM20 credited to your Deemples account. You will also get an email notifying you of this referral credit!


Keep introducing your friends to use Deemples, and use Deemples frequently yourself too. This way, you can earn frequent golfer rewards! There’s no other app that rewards you as much as Deemples, one of the best referral bonus apps 2022!

Take advantage of Deemples‘ Golf rewards program today!

Keep golfing!