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Na Yeon Choi the Korean Lady Golfer With an Explosive Golf Swing.

Search for “Famous Women Golfer” on Google, and chances are Na Yeon Choi’s name would appear as one of the top golfers. Na Yeon Choi is known for her powerful swing and some have said it’s the best swing in golf.

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The Story of Na Yeon Choi

Standing at a height of just 5’5″, she started playing golf at 11 and gives credit to her father for helping shape her career.

While everyone else was finishing high school and worrying about getting jobs, Choi already won the ADT CAPS Invitational on the LPGA of Korea tour at the tender age of 17. But if that doesn’t impress you, she also held onto the Champion Title for 3 consecutive years in a row from 2004 – 2007.

She also was able to qualify for the Tour on her first attempt and did so with ease. Since then, she travels around the world with a full-time english tutor to help her master the language.

Na Yeon Choi’s Injury

In 2017, Choi injured her back and was diagnosed with herniated disc. Choi tried to push through for a whole year but while playing in the Sime Darby LPGA Tour, that decision proved to be costly as she couldn’t perform and began falling down the ranks to 55th place.

That was a wake-up call and prompted her to take 3 weeks off golfing to focus on healing her back.

“I hardly ever saw anyone. I just wanted to be by myself, to think about my future, about golf” said Choi.

Now she has since fully recovered and is now back on track to reclaim her spot in the Championship. 

source: Travis Lindquist/Getty Images

Na Yeon Choi’s Best Swing

Many would say that she is the possessor of the best swing in golf, for Men’s and Women’s. They say it’s because what she has done, is simplify the fundamentals of the game down to the simplest of thoughts.

Check out the video and let us know what do you think?

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