Johor Competition 19 Sep Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort

Kapten K’RuL Hairulnizam is the man when it comes to organising games in Johor! Duplicating what the KLGC does in Kuala Lumpur, Kapten has brought the same format to Johor Competition where golfers can participate in a proper stroke play format that is fair since it only uses the Deemples handicap system, which is much tougher to manipulate.


This round we saw about 20 participants joining, registering, and scoring all 100% via the Deemples app, making organising a breeze for the organiser. This game was at the Tanjong Puteri A course, out at Pasir Gudang in Johor. Singaporeans haven’t been able to come in to play, allowing the group here to take advantage of lower prices during this RMCO.

Congrats to Kapten himself who played a stellar game with net 71, winning the September 2020 series of the Johor Series. Yao Lim came in 4 strokes behind with a net 75 for 2nd place, along with 少瑀 張, who also came in at net 75, for 3rd! Tiebreakers use the USGA method comparing the net score for the last 9 holes, then 6, then 3, then 1.

There were a bunch of prizes for the competition, and even lucky draws for those who didn’t have a Deemples handicap. Thank you to Kapten for the prizes and also organising the competition!

Results Using Deemples Scoring System!

The next Johor Competition for October is at Ponderosa Golf & Country Club. November is at Orchard Golf & Country Club. The grand finals December is at The Els Club Desaru Coast – The Ocean Course. Do join the games via Deemples.


If you want to learn more about the Deemples handicap system, https://deemples.com/golf-handicap-deemples/. Basically it works the same way as the USGA. Where your handicap index is calculated based on the best 10 differentials of your last 20 games. The only difference is that it has to be submitted by 2 other players in your game, and the scores have to match! There’s no fee for it, just play 5 games on Deemples and get it!

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