Johor Competition 18 Oct Ponderosa Golf & Country Club

The Johor Golf Competitions organised by Kapten K’RuL continues. This time at Ponderosa Golf & Country Club. This game was on 18 Oct, after the CMCO announcement from the Malaysian Government. So alongside with Singaporean golfers, KL & Selangor golfers couldn’t join this game due to travel restrictions.

But the Johor golfers came to battle it out, in the “fairest” golf competition ever since it only uses the Deemples handicap system, which is much tougher to manipulate.

In this round we saw about 23 participants joining, registering, and scoring all via the Deemples app, making life easier for the organisers.

Everyone teed-off by 1.30 pm. The weather was very good throughout the event, cloudy not very hot. By 6 pm everyone was back at the clubhouse. The result presentation & prize giving started at 6.30 pm and by 7 pm everything was done.

There were 7 prizes for the lowest net winners and 8 lucky draw prizes. All of the 7 lowest net scorers had Deemples Handicap!😀

Congrats to Remy Carlos who played a stellar game with a net 71, winning the October 2020 series of the Johor Series. Kapten K’RuL himself came in 2nd place with a net 77. Rashid came in 3rd place with a net 79!

Tiebreakers use the USGA method comparing the net score for the last 9 holes, then 6, then 3, then 1.

The rest who got lowest net prizes:

Hadi in 4th – net 79
Hock Lim in 5th – net 81
Zhafran in 6th – net 86
Hashim in 7th – net 86

The rest of the results here:


The next Johor Competition for November is at Orchard Golf & Country Club. The grand finals December is at The Els Club Desaru Coast – The Ocean Course.

Register now for future Johor golf competitions to secure your slot via Deemples!🏌️‍♂️🙂

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