A total of 32 players came out to play for Inesis Golf Competition at Kinrara Golf Club on 7 March, last Sunday. There were other golfers that wanted to join however the club did not have more buggies to accommodate more players. Despite that, this event was one of the most smooth sailing competitions, with little to zero human intervention since everything was automated and touch-free according to the MGA mandatory SOP.

How Inesis Competition @ Kinrara went down:


Inesis created the game on Deemples and golfers were able to register easily and made payments online. Golfers stated their shirt size in the notes to host when joining so it can be prepared earlier for the event. All flight draw, prize list, and local rules were informed to the golfers 2 days before the event via game chat on Deemples.

Event day.

With registration done prior to the event, we were able to minimize contact so the staff and golfers’ safety were protected. As soon as the golfers’ group has arrived, they headed directly to tee off. The club has labeled the buggies with each of the golfer’s names so everyone was able to tee off smoothly. The organizer used Deemples peer-verified handicaps for the final scoring.

After the game.

The golf course served lunch to all the participants. In the meantime, golfers also got their scores submitted into Deemples by 2 other golfers in their group. During the process of scores submission, all participants were able to monitor the live results via Deemples. Followed by the announcement of the winners and giving away the prizes which were displayed on the prize table. There were no prize presentation to limit social contact during the event.

Congratulations to all Inesis competition winners:

Inesis gave away a waterproof bag, waterproof shoes, golf nets, dozens of balls, caps, towels to the winners. They also gave Inesis X Deemples limited edition shirt for everyone that paid the competition fee early!

We hope more organizers automate more of their golf competitions. Not only for making it hassle-free for golfers to join, but also reducing the need for a big team to run a golf competition. Which is important in protecting the safety of everyone with low-touch processes.

Till the next competition!