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GolfDigest Korea feature on Deemples

We shared our story with GolfDigest International, then GolfDigest Korea was very happy to pick it up to feature the Deemples Golf App.

GolfDigest Korea feature

deemples golfdigest korea feature

So of course we have no idea what this all means, but looking at the very few english words on the page, it does seem that GolfDigest Korea was featuring different technologies out there that were helping to grow the game.

It seems like they basically talked about 3 different mobile applications:

Allsquare – newsfeed/Facebook of golf

We’ve checked out Allsquare previously and it does look like a golf news app, with a home screen with a similar experience as Facebook’s newsfeed. You can read about all the golf new curated there, similar to GolfDigest, GolfChannel, and all golf media platforms.

Deemples – golf buddies/Uber of Golf

Helping golfers find each other by letting golfers post their games, and letting others join them. Golfers in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and Philippines use it to find games which they can join, or find golfers to fill their flights. Golf clubs have also started using it to fill up tournaments, and Golf Academies have started to use it to promote golf clinics .

IndoGolf Passport – bookings/Expedia of Golf

Similar to GolfGreedy, GolfNow, GolfDigg, GreenGolf, GolfReserv, GolfConnect24, GoGolf Indonesia, IndoGolf Passport is a booking platform that allows golfers to book tee times at selected courses. IndoGolf Passport focuses on golf clubs in Indonesia and China. Golfers benefit from these booking sites as they now have access to the lowest rates, thanks to these booking sites.

deemples golfdigest korea


Translation of GolfDigest Korea feature on Deemples

We asked a friend to help us make more sense of the article, and she helped us dig out a few key points: (copying and pasting it whole here, no editing, since I have no context)

  1. All squares launched after a lot of technical evaluation. Deemples on the contrary was a more impulse creation.
  2. “I only started playing golf at the age of 25. But as time passed more friends had family and work commitments so it wasn’t so easy to find people to play with”
  3. “But even after 9 years, I’m still into golf – so I wanted to create a platform that can link people to play together. That was the thinking behind Deemples which launched in 2017”
  4. Deemples is an app based platform where users can enter their tee off time, and allows them to invite other users. Effectively it’s like a dating app for golfers.
  5. “Like how Uber mobilised hassle free logistics for travellers around the world, Deemples shares similar user profiles. We use technology to help golfers play more whether at home or while traveling”
  6. “My goal is to help golfers play more, and to introduce golf to more people. One day I hope all golfers around the world will be on Deemples”
  7. Using Deemples is very easy – simply download the app from app store (apple or android). Deemples is also actively engaging facebook groups in 3 countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines). We will have to wait and see what kind of revenue model it can evolve into, but there is plenty of potential
  8. “For the time being, goal is to help more golfers enjoy golf”. “Then over time we will add more value added services such as booking, gear, lessons etc by collaborating with partners”
  9. Wong has definitely set off a surprise to the world of golfers
  10. “Whether this will really help golfers, I was not sure” Wong admits honestly. “But I definitely knew there were people like me. And more and more golfers are getting to know about Deemples and are becoming part of it”
  11. Wong continues “I’ve even seen friends go on a golf trip alone because they know they can find people to play with wherever they go. Our app was originally intended to help those who wouldn’t have had a chance to play golf if it wasn’t for Deemples, and we want to continue to help them”

deemples golfdigest korea

Hope you all had a good read. We here at Deemples will continue to help golfers everywhere, golf whenever, and wherever they want.

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