Golf Holidays in Malacca

Golf Holidays in Malacca anyone? if you are a golfer and looking to spend your holidays in Malaysia, then Malacca could just be that perfect holiday spot. It’s the perfect combination of amazing golf courses, breathtaking sights to visit and great food makes it on our favorite places to golf.

Previously we covered some interesting Golf Courses in Malacca and it’s only fitting next that we talk about some of the best places to visit during your golf holidays in Malacca. Read on

Golf Holidays In Malacca

A’Famosa Fort:

A’Famosa Fort

A’Famosa is one of the most ancient and famous landmarks in Malacca.
The Portuguese built this fort in 1511 after defeating the Malacca Sultanate. It is known to be one of the oldest European architectural remains in Asia.

In 1641 it was taken over by the Dutch and afterward in the 19th century by the British. if you are searching for a peaceful place to visit away from all the hustle and bustle of city life, you must put A’Famosa on the top of your list.

Christ Church:

Christ Church

Located near to the Malacca’s Chinatown center Christ Church is one of the most popular tourist attractions. After taking the possession of the county it was built by the Dutch’s. In the church, you will get to see a picture of a brick red building with a big white cross which carries a unique design and ancient history.

Close to the church, there are two other museums – The Historical Museum and The Ethnographical Museum. If you are in Malacca you can visit these three places within a short period of time.

Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum:

Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

This mesmerizing museum was established back in 1896 which was once the home for the Baba Chan family. It is located in Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Malacca, beside the street of Jonker Walk. This ancient building is a blend of unique cultures and history. You will also find an illustration of the lifestyle of the Peranakan there.

The actual design of the building was designed by the influence of both European architecture and Eastern traditional history. Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum is Malacca’s one of the main attractions you should not miss.

Jonker Street:

Jonker Street

This street is in the center of Chinatown. It is a huge market where you can find almost everything. With rich culture and history, goodness, famous historical landmarks, a variety of food and attractions, Jonker street in Malacca is a complete pleasure to walk through.

Even in weekdays, you will find this place packed with tourists and locals. In the night market, you will find array of stalls, live music, various events happening in Jonker Street. If you haven’t visited this place you haven’t seen Malacca at all.

Menara Taming Sari:

Menara Taming Sari

This is located near Bandar Hilir, Jalan Merdeka. If you happen to go to the Dataran Pahlawan Megamall or the Mahkota Parade Mall then it will take you only 3 minutes to go Menara Taming Sari.

This place is one of the most unique attractions among tourists. This is the only revolving tower in Malaysia. The tower is 110 meters in height and offers a wide landscape of the Malacca city. The tower can carry around 80 people and per session takes 7 minutes. Once you are at the top you will see the beauty of the Malacca city.

Other Places to See:

Not only these places but also Malacca has numerous other places where you can visit. You will be amazed by its diversity and rich historical culture. From ancient monuments to modern age structures Malacca has everything. Some other places you can visit:

Food in Malacca:

Food in Malacca

Apart from an array of multicultural heritage buildings, famous landmarks and structures, Malacca is also known as a “Food heaven”. It is not only a historical city but also is a land of gastronomical delight.

You will find a variety of food in Malacca. If you are in Malacca some must-try foods are Laksa, Taukwa Rojak, Chicken rice ball, Char siew rice, Nasi lemak, Asam pedas fish, various types of Sambal, Satays, Cendol, Creme crepe and many more.


We think whoever wants to play golf as well as need some entertainment can easily choose golf holidays in Malacca for their next vacation. You can visit the awesome places, taste the delicious foods and go for golfing from our list of golf courses in Malacca.

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