DGG: Sentul Highlands Golf Club 13 July 2018

Deemples Golf Gathering: Sentul Highlands Golf Club

Deemples Golf Gathering at Sentul Highlands Golf Club is our first ever Deemples Golf Gathering outside of Malaysia. We realised that helping Malaysian golfers was not enough and we definitely wanted to help more golfers in other markets golf even more.

deemples: deemples golf gathering sentul highlands golf club

DGGs are normally small social golf events that just help golfers get together, meet new golfers, have a fun game, and maybe sometimes some prizes (or not). The game doesn’t matter as much as just coming out and meeting new people. It also gives a chance for golfers to explore new courses that they haven’t explored, don’t have friends that normally play there, or sometimes just not feasible in terms of price.


deemples: sentul highlands golf club the golfers paradise

Sentul Highlands Golf Club

is located not too far away from the capital of IndonesiaJakarta. You get a nice view of the course from the clubhouse since the clubhouse is situated at an elevated position compared to the golf course. They also have The Player’s Card, which is a loyalty and rewards card which you can use when you golf at Sentul Highlands Golf Club to collect and redeem points as you go along.

deemples: deemples golf gathering sentul highlands golf club the players card

Aside from The Player’s Card, their VIP rooms are also super luxurious. Imagine lounging away in the VIP rooms, catching up on some text messages after your game, or take a short nap before your drive home after golf, it’s everything a golfer needs after your game of golf.

Sentul Highlands Golf Club was very supportive of the Deemples Golf Gathering concept. They have provided a very attractive rate for the game. Details again here:

Date: Friday 13 July 2018

Tee time: 1pm

Fee: Rp 680.000- including dinner after the game


So if you have nothing to do next Friday, download the app, and join the game on the Deemples app.

deemples: deemples golf gathering sentul highlands golf club

You can also share this link with your friends whom you want to invite too:

You have been invited to join DGG: Rp680k w/dinner on Fri, 13 Jul 2018 1:00 PM at Sentul Highlands Golf Club https://deemples.com/games/-LFv8wN2iX04S1Bt1qKm


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  • Golf Gear Direct Discount Codes
    Posted at 11:16h, 24 July

    Really a great initiative. All these golfers who meet each other in this event will no doubt have an amazing time and they might also find people to share their golf experiences and learn from other people’s gold experiences.

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