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Deemples vs iSeekGolf 2020

1 March 2020

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Last updated: 6 April 2020

If you’ve ever golfed in Australia, you would be spoilt for choice with the number of quality golf courses spread out over the country. But where does one go to find golf mates when your buddies are too busy, or your 4-on 4-off schedule leaves you golfing alone most of the time?

How about those just getting into golf, where do you go to find out information on courses, and to find other avid casual golfers before committing on an annual social club membership?

This is where iSeekGolf.com and Deemples come in. While the former is a website and the latter is an app, they both aim to make the golf experience more enjoyable for golfers.

Neither of the two are direct competitors, however. Read on to find out how they differ, and in many ways, complement each other.


iSeekGolf.com is almost an institution in itself. It started out as a forum and news portal in 2001. Eventually, it became the leading online golf destination in Australia today. They have arguably the largest online golfing community in the country.

In January 2020, NBC SportsGOLFNOW announced the acquisition of iSeekGolf, allowing 3.5 million registered GOLFNOW users to book tee times at over 400 partner courses in Australia and nearly 10,000 around the world.


iSeekGolf has the widest selection of tee times in Australia. And their main goal is to keep golfers connected to the game by providing convenience and value.

If you want to book a tee time through iSeekGolf, all you need to do is to visit their site and sign up. You can choose any game from their tee time lists according to your convenience. Along with tee times booking they also offer discounted golf rounds, online lessons, course reviews, golf news covering Australian players, and an online forum to connect with other golfers.

A downside of the recent acquisition, however, is that forum members have complained about a distinct lack of forum moderators, leaving the forum open to be inundated with spam.

The forum does still have a massive following despite not having moderators, but there are concerns on the longevity of the forum now that the focus of iSeekGolf seems to be shifted to becoming the premier tee-time booking destination.


  • Easy booking platform
  • A wide selection of golf courses
  • Great source of information on golf courses


  • Forums are in a declining state
  • Less of a community feel as compared to before

Deemples Golf App


Deemples is a free golf app, which started with the motto ‘Never play golf alone’. It is currently available in Australia (starting with VIC as of March 2020), Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore.

Deemples fills the void that no other site does, and that’s solving the problem of finding other golfers to golf with. The app allows you to join other golfer’s games, or to create your own and let others join you. The main idea is to support golfing everywhere, and with the recent launch in Australia, it’s taking one step closer to making that a reality.

deemples in melbourne
Deemples in Melbourne


  • Easy to find games that are looking for players to join
  • Create your own game and let others join you
  • Chat with other golfers inside the app


  • Not yet integrated with any booking and payment services in Australia

We hope you enjoyed reading our Deemples vs iSeekGolf 2020 comparison. To know more about Deemples please click here.

Download the free app for Google Play and Apple App Store.

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