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Deemples is in Indonesia

7 June 2018

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It has come to a point where helping just Malaysians and Singaporeans play more golf was just unfair, unfair to the rest of the golfers in the world who would probably also have the same problem. Of course there’s no way that we can help everyone at once, so we’re strategically choosing the next countries which we can continue to expand to and help golfers in those areas.

We chose Indonesia next for some very obvious reasons:

  1. We already had the Indonesian islands of Batam and Bintan’s golf courses listed on Deemples since we started off focusing on Malaysia and Singapore, of which Singapore golfers play a lot at Batam/Bintan.
  2. It’s a close neighbour.
  3. Speaks (almost) the same language.
  4. Bespoke Indonesia, a golf events company in Indonesia is using Deemples as the main registration channel for their annual 23-leg Indonesian nationwide Indonesia Ultimate Golf
    Series 2018. (will do another introduction and announcement for this shortly)
  5. Has plenty of synergies with Malaysia and Singapore since a lot of Malaysians and Singaporeans love to travel to play at Indonesian courses anyway.
  6. Has amazing golf courses and provides a great golf experience!

Launching in a new country is going to be challenging. Similarly to how we launched in Malaysia and Singapore initially, a lot of awareness building had to be done, reaching out to golfers using whatever channels/methods possible, to share Deemples.

In a country with 160+ golf courses, we’re going to start focusing just at the Greater Jakarta area, all the way down to Bogor first, and then do the rest of Indonesia as Greater Jakarta/Bogor achieves a certain awareness level.

We’re going to need a lot of help, so if anyone can help connect/introduce us with anyone in the golf industry in Indonesia, sharing Deemples to just that one more golfer each time, that would mean the world to us and to the golfing community, as the more golfers there are on Deemples the more it helps the rest of us golf whenever, wherever we want to.

Aside from Indonesia, if anyone is keen to help bring Deemples to any other country, we’d be more than happy to discuss how we can facilitate that.

But for now:

  • Indonesian golfers: Time to start creating/joining games on Deemples, make new friends, play more golf.
  • Malaysian/Singaporean golfers: Start planning your golfing trip to Indonesia on Deemples!

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