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7 June 2018

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Current numbers:

Only 1% of the world plays golf now.
(in Malaysia, only 300k golfers / 30mil population)
(in Singapore, only 50k golfers / 5mil population)
(in the world, only 60m golfers / 6-7bil population)

The opportunity:

That means 99% of the world DOES NOT play golf. (You can see this as a problem or as an opportunity :))

Golf is intimidating

If you did not come from a golfing family, or your boss/friend asked you to pick up golf, you probably wouldn’t. Even if you did want to yourself, you wouldn’t know where to start, where to go, straight to the golf course to play 18? What equipment? how to play? rules? who to go to? is it expensive to learn? is it expensive to play? etc

Academies can play the biggest part in this by introducing golf to everyone

The key word is INTRODUCING. But there has to be an incentive for people to explore the game of golf. We’re thinking the simplest way to attract, less a TV golf icon, is to provide free introductory clinics, where potential golfers can rock up and get exposed.

Opportunity to upsell

For example, we go to a 1000 person company, and do corporate sales that bring in a tournament of 100 golfers. Great, but we know the other 900 people probably don’t play golf, but if we can get them to the driving range for the INTRODUCTORY SESSION while the 100 are golfing, and 10% end up liking the game and continues on to take lessons, play golf etc, hey we just doubled the market size for the next corporate golf game!

Leverage on Deemples app and marketing.

Deemples is a golf app that golfers already use to find flight mates. Use the app to create consistent introductory clinics at the range. Free for all, keep it to 1 hour, look at it like a community service office hour. Deemples is free for you to use, so I’d suggest putting 1 hour in every evening on weekdays and 1 hour in every morning on weekends. Coaches can rotate for this session, only if there are people joining it (if no one joins the game, you don’t have to even be there). If you’re doing this, we’d be happy to work together on marketing efforts for this, to help grow the next wave of golfers for your country.

The next step

Set up your official account on Deemples.

Start posting them games!

Reach out via FB or hello@deemples.com so we can work on marketing together!


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