Manila the capital city of the Philippines could be one of the best destinations for golfing vacations. The city offers a mixture of amazing architectural and natural beauty plus diverse culture and delicious food. But every golfer’s dream vacation involves golfing when they are traveling. That’s why we are going to talk about the best public golf courses in Manila, Philippines you can try.

For traveling or occasional golfers, it’s necessary to find public golf courses so that they can play whenever they want. Luckily, it is not difficult to find public golf courses in the Philippines these days. Most of the golf courses in Manila require membership so we picked up the best public golf courses in Manila where you can play anytime and if you want golfing buddies to play with Deemples can help you.

Public Golf Courses in Manila Philippines

Here is our list of the best public golf courses in Manila just for your convenience. Happy Reading!

1. Intramuros Golf Club

Intramuros Golf Club

A historical golf course located within the city of Manila is Intramuros Golf Club. This golf course is known to be one of the old courses in the city. It was renovated and designed by world-renowned golf architect Andy dye back in 1995.

Playing at this golf course is suitable for any time because of the small course. You may think that it would be easier to play on the course as the course is small; however, it is not always the case.

Intramuros Golf Course Detail

This small course actually comes up with several challenges including water hazards and sand traps. Each hole in this golf course will give you an amazing experience. If you are looking forward to playing on this historic golf course it will take you only 37 minutes to come from Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

  • Intramuros is an 18-hole small golf course.
  • Public Golf Course in Manila.
  • It’s the only golf course in Manila that offers night golfing.
  • Built within the heart of Manila.
  • Facilities include clubhouse, locker rooms, sauna, function rooms, practice facilities, well-stocked pro shop, and restaurant.
  • Practice facilities for the golfers.
  • Accommodation facility.

2. Philippine Navy Golf Club

Philippine Navy Golf Club

Formerly known as the military base camp of Taguig, Philippine Navy Golf Course is the town’s one of the well-known golf course. An amazing landscape of the military base can be seen from the golfing area. Apart from the scenic beauty, this golf club is an ideal place for the high handicappers who are trying to improve their games.

Philippine Navy Golf Course Details

This is also a great golfing destination for the golfers as the course is very close to the city. Starting from the unique landscape to its special amenities this golf course is preferred by many golfers. It will take you only 16 minutes drive from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and 15 minutes away from Makati.

  • An 18-hole, par 70 golf course.
  • A forgiving course that is perfect for relaxing rounds.
  • One of the best public golf courses in Manila.
  • You will find some unique short holes, great for side competition.
  • After the game, you can hang out in the clubhouse or grab some snacks and beer at the restaurant.
  • Among other facilities, they have- a practice facility, shower stalls, sauna, massage rooms, pro shop, and accommodation for the golfers.

3. Camp Aguinaldo Golf Club

Camp Aguinaldo Golf Club

Located inside the Philippine military headquarters at EDSA Quezon City, Manila Camp Aguinaldo Golf Club is a public golf course. Apart from being located on a historic site, this place is very convenient for the golfers to access.

Camp Aguinaldo Golf Course Details

Camp Aguinaldo is a short yet tricky golf course where you will get a variety of shots to make. You will get several challenges on this golf course which include lakes, dog legs, and water hazards. These hazards give a twist to the game at Camp Aguinaldo.

  • Camp Aguinaldo Golf Club is an 18-hole golf course.
  • Very well maintained public golf course.
  • Located in the heart of the Quezon City and easily accessible to Manila and Makati.
  • Provides facilities for the golfers to enjoy their stay at the golf club.
  • A restaurant with delicious meals.
  • Other facilities include- a game room for indoor games, bar, beauty salon, gymnasium, Jacuzzi, and spa.

Camp Aguinaldo Golf Club Achievements

Aside from being a great public golf course, Camp Aguinaldo has produced many local golfers like Jennifer Rosales, Ramon Brobio, and Gerald Rosales. Among these golf masters, Ramon Brobio achieved a gold medal in the Asia Games held in 1986 and was a triple winner in the 18th Junior World Golf competition in 1985.

If you are planning to visit Camp Aguinaldo Golf Club it will take you only a 30 minutes drive from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport to get there.

4. Veterans Memorial Golf Club

Veterans Memorial Golf Club

Built in 1958 Veterans Memorial Golf Club is located in Quezon City. Though this is a short golf course it’s frequently visited by many local players. This public golf course offers golf lovers many narrow fairways, numerous hazards, and small greens.

Veterans Memorial Golf Course Details

The whole golf course is surrounded by water hazards where many pro golfers suffer making a shot. If you are looking for an affordable golf course within the city then Veteran Golf will be the best pick for you. It will take you a 54-minute drive from Ninoy Aquino International Airport

  • Veterans Golf is an 18-hole short golf course.
  • A well-known public golf course.
  • Just 1 minute away from Trinoma and SM North EDSA malls.
  • Great for senior golfers.
  • Amenities include- a restaurant, spa, coffee shop, barbershop, meeting rooms, banquet hall, and tennis court.

5. Villamor Air Base Golf Course

Villamor Air Base Golf Course

This Course is located in Metro Manila. This Manila golf course is a perfect example that a golf course does not necessarily need bizarre terrains, wind, or steeps to make the game more exciting. Those who want a quick round of golf can check out this outstanding course. Unlike any other golf course, Villamor has a comparatively flat layout and fairways.

Villamor Air Base Golf Course Details

Its amazingly structured narrow fairways and water hazards make this golf course even more attractive to the players. The best part of this golf course is that it is located at the heart of the city and only a few minutes away from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

  • An 18-hole par 72 golf course with an amazing impression among the golfers.
  • You can get quality golf equipment from their pro shop.
  • You can practice your swings before the game.
  • Hosted the Philippine Masters.
  • Easily accessible championship golf course in Manila.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Golfers can relax in the cafes and treehouses.
  • Other amenities include- shower areas, clubhouse, restaurants, locker rooms, sauna, function rooms, and accommodation.

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Based on our research, we think these public golf courses in Manila are the best ones you must try. If you wondering where to play golf in Manila, we hope this list helped. You will love the golfing experience there as well as you can also enjoy roaming around Manila when you are not golfing.

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Happy Golfing! 🙂