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5 Facts about the Maybank Championship You Didn’t Know About

The Maybank Championship once again is just around the corner. The Tournament, now 3 years running is set to happen this weekend at Saujana Golf & Country Club from 21st till 24th March 2019.

Maybank Championship Flag

With big name players like Alexander Bjork, Ernie Els, Gavin Green and many more, it is one of the biggest Star-filled championships in the region. A huge USD 3 Million (MYR12.22 Million) prize money is up for grabs, it’s easy to see why it can attract a lot of famous tour players.

If you’re planning to go and catch the action live, here are some 5 Facts about the Maybank Championship that will impress your friends, be a great conversation piece and break the ice?. Read more…

Fact #1 – Will The Real Malaysian Open, Please Stand Up?

pinchara khongwatmai reading the putt on maybank championship

Did you know? The Maybank Championship was once The Malaysian Open? Maybe Yes, A-ha! but did you know the actual reason behind the name change?

Prior to 2016, the Malaysian Open had never failed to be held since its inception in 1962. It all changed in 2015 when the Malaysian Golf Association (MGA) appointed Lagardere Sport as their organizer instead of continuing with previously appointed GlobalOne. (Full Article)

Maybank who is already a sponsor with GlobalOne events joined forces to continue the partnership and formed the Maybank Championship that we know today.

Fact #2 – Cobra!!! Where?!

cobra snake hissing on a field

The Maybank Championship is hosted at the Saujana Golf & Country Club again for a second time since 2018. But did you know the venue earned its nickname the Cobras mainly because the land previously was a palm oil plantation and workers would catch cobras for extra income?

The slithery creatures may be nowhere to be seen now but the fearsome reputation remains. Later the name stuck as the course proved to be biting all-round challenges that professionals agree. Which brings us to Fact #3.

Fact #3 – Ranked 6th Hardest

saujana golf & country club golf course with palm oil trees

“The hardest and most demanding golf course I’ve seen or played,” said Tray Tyner, winner of the 1988 Malaysian Open, the first time the national Open was played at Saujana Golf & Country Club.

In 2012, CNN Broadcaster rated the course as the 6th Hardest in the World. Years later, Tray’s views were somewhat validated by the ranking awarded by news broadcaster CNN, which rated the course in 2012 as the sixth hardest in the world. (here)

Fact #4 – Eleven Times

maybank championship tee off

Saujana Golf & Country Club hosted the Malaysian Open / Maybank Championship for a whopping total of 11 Times from 1988, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2018 and 2019. That’s more than any other course!

Fact #5 – Teenage Magic

Seung-yul Noh teeing off at the maybank championship in 2010

When Korean teenager Seung-yul Noh, age 18, won the 2010 tournament, he became the youngest professional to win a European Tour tournament. Noh didn’t hold that distinction for long, because later in 2010 the 17-and-a-half-year-old Matteo Manassero won the Castello Masters.

And then in 2011, still not quite 18 years old, Manassero won the Malaysian Open, making it two straight teenaged champions. (Full Article)

So there you have it folks, some quick 5 facts about Maybank Championship you probably didn’t know about before. Hope to see you at the games. Have Fun, stay hydrated and keep it light!

If you liked what you read and want to know more about the course Saujana Golf & Country Club? Just click the link. Enjoy!

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