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Leaderboard: Deemples Monthly Medal 1-7 June 2020

9 June 2020

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Just in the first week of June 2020, 474 rounds of golf were played, and 37 rounds successfully participated in the Deemples Monthly Medal.

Leaderboard: Deemples Monthly Medal 1-7 June 2020

Leading the board now is Jake C. with a super solid net 65 at Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort, playing a gross 81 with a handicap of 16, on Saturday 6 June 2020. In fact, the top 9 in week 1 all had net scores in the 60s!

Tiebreakers Rules

Tiebreakers use the USGA stroke play tie breaking formula. If there’s a tie in a net score for 18 holes, the net score for the last 9 holes are used. If still tied, then the net score for the last 6 holes, then the last 3 holes, and last 1 hole are used.

We had 2 golfers even participate twice: CM Chai and Hanis Hasanuddin! You can participate as many rounds as you’d like and we’d take your best net for that month. The other rounds other than your best round will be discarded, since we don’t want you winning all prizes for that month (give others a chance). So keep the rounds coming, you never know when you’re going to have a better round than the last!

Another notable round we have is in 17th place, playing scratch and carding a score of 75 (net and gross), Winnie Ng! For those who are not familiar, Winnie started playing for Malaysia in 2014, won 15 other amateur opens, and junior amateur competitions. Played at the Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia in 2016. Won the 45th RSGC Ladies Amateur Open. And got a full scholarship playing for the University of Washington, USA at the moment! She’s here in KL for the summer break. So watch out for more crazy gross scores from her for us mortals to wow on!

We also have 8 rounds from players without handicaps. But we foresee that will change very quickly after they have 5 games submitted through Deemples and their handicaps kick in!

For the rest that doesn’t see your name on the leaderboard but has played, your results are not showing for one of the following reasons:

1- You played but didn’t get your tournament (hole by hole) scores submitted
2- You only got scores submitted by 1 other player
3- Scores submitted by your markers were conflicting

For more details on how to submit your scores:

1- There are instructions on the game screen on Deemples after the game is over.
2- Can Check Golf Handicap Score Submission on Deemples.

Don’t worry guys, this is just week 1. We’d be updating the leaderboard again next week. So do make sure whichever game you’re playing at, just get scores submitted on Deemples after the game, to stand a chance of winning one of 140 prizes available for the June 2020 Deemples Monthly Medal!

Prizes are brought to you by our amazing sponsors: Crest Link, Be Golf Pro, and Dalmore. You can see all prizes here: Deemples Monthly Medal.

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