1. So that you can get golf games going more efficiently, hassle-free. Regardless of your friends can join you or not. No more waiting for friends to confirm, or trying to think who else might be available to join your game. 
  2. To expand your network. Playing with the same people over and over again gets boring, limits your networking opportunities, and hinders exposure to other awesome people who you might be able to meet on the golf course through Deemples
  3. Maintain a fair golf handicap for you and your friends. All golf scoring systems available in the market allow you to submit your own score. There is no check and balance to it, and therefore it’s hard to trust a golfer’s handicap when you meet them for the first time. The Deemples handicap system doesn’t allow you to submit your own scores but requires a minimum of 2 other golfers in your game to submit your scores before it will show and count for handicap calculation. 
  4. Be a part of a growing global golfers network. Every time you use Deemples, you are helping Deemples help more golfers golf more. Golf needs to be more inclusive, and less exclusive as how it was traditionally perceived, allowing more people to play together, and ultimately grow the game. The goal is so that every golfer in the world, can play whenever and wherever they want to, with a global network of golfers.