3. How are we different than other golf apps?

21 August 2019

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There are different categories of golf apps:

  • Scoring/GPS apps – ie GolfShot, TheGrint, SwingU, Hole19, 18birdies, and many more. They focus on delivering a digital scorecard to you so that you can maintain your handicap and analyze your scores. The GPS feature also allows you to have an accurate distance to the green, in the event, there are no distance markers, or information from caddies are inaccurate. 
  • Tee time booking apps – ie GolfNow, TeeOff, Supreme Golf, Golfscape, Golfreserv, GolfDigg, GolfConnect24, GoGolf. They act as agents that negotiate a tee time from the golf course and sell it at a discount to golfers. 
  • Golfer matching apps – ie Deemples, and a few other new ones that have come up in other parts of the world, but are still new. Golfer matching apps helps golfers find each other so we can all get a game in.

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