Tinder For Golfers

When Tinder was created, everybody thought that Tinder was just like any other normal dating app. But when Tinder has about 20 billion matches, suddenly they become the best dating app in the world. All users have to do is swipe, match, chat, and start dating. However, what if we tell you, that we also have a similar golf app that acts like Tinder? This app is called Deemples.


Does Deemples act the same as Tinder?


Not 100% the same but almost. This is because Deemples is a golf app that golfers use to find other golfers to golf with. All Deemples users have to do is create their golf game on Deemples and let others join them. Its’ as simple as that, you can find your golf partner very easily with Deemples.


What is Deemples all about?


Deemples is acknowledged as one of the fastest growing golf app in South East Asia. This is because Deemples matches you easily with the other golfers who are looking for partners to play with. Why only play with the same few friends, when you can expand your network through Deemples. Simply put, Deemples allows you to find your golf partners to play with, whenever and wherever you want.  Just create a game through Deemples and let other golfers join your game.  Deemples acts just like the Tinder but for golfers.


How Do I use Deemples?


Download the app from the App Store or Google Play, register for an account on Deemples, then start creating your golf rounds with your preferred playing date, golf course, tee time, number of players, and green fee. Once you’re done creating, invite your friends using the share button to your golf round so that they can join you easily whenever they can confirm participation!

Once you have a full group, give the club a call to reserve your tee time. You’d be amazed at the time you save rather than checking with friends one by one if they’re available for a round of golf!


How are we different from other golf apps?

There are many golf apps out there that do tee time bookings, GPS, scoring, handicapping, social media for golf, and golf news. However, the golf apps that do exactly what Deemples does are few. We’d actually love for more apps that resemble Deemples out there so that we can help each other in each other’s territories and locations, ultimately getting closer to our goal of helping everyone golf whenever, and wherever they want.

This also calls out to other golf apps, platforms, traditional golf business, or passionate individuals that want to help the same cause in their locations, to partner with us to see how they could expand Deemples to their locations and help their community of golfers!


What are the types of games provided in Deemples?

There are 3 game types in Deemples: Single flight, Multi Flight, and Driving Range.

  1. Single Flight is designed to get a quick foursome in. It’s the most used game type by the majority of our golfers.
  2. Multi Flight was designed for larger groups, that perhaps hosts 2 or 3 flights over the weekend, or a social club that organizes 5 to 6 flights every week, or a golf club or event organizer that wants to organize a full fledge 36-flight tournament. Multi Flight makes it much easier for event organizers to coordinate, update, and communicate with their participants.
  3. Driving Range is designed to to new golfers that want to get into the game. Which means Deemples caters not only to existing golfers but also to the new comers. Golf is intimidating enough, where it’s tough for golf newbies to find out where to go, what to buy, what to bring, who to go with, what to wear, etc. We didn’t want new golfers to have to go through this alone. Hence the creation of the Driving Range game type. Today, golf coaches and academies take advantage of this feature to also create clinics that enable new golfers or even seasoned golfers to have access to golf instruction and golf coaching at the driving range. Golfing alone isn’t fun, Deemples hopes that you #nevergolfalone.

Let’s continue this journey together and help more golfers find their new golf partners. There are only so few golfers around the world. So why not connect all of us together so that we all have more liquidity in terms of games. Which will further benefit the golf industry in all ways!


P.S. Deemples is here to help make sure you never play golf alone or skip golf because you can’t find anyone to play with. Simply create a game and let others join you. Click here to find out more!

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