Deemples Open


Bringing everyone using Deemples Handicaps together for the first time.

26–28 June 2020 (Friday–Sunday)

Palm Resort Golf & Country Club
54-hole premier golf course in Johor, Malaysia
3-mins away from Senai, Johor (JHB) airport

RM599* Golf only
RM999* Golf + 2N Hotel
RM1399* Golf + 4N Hotel

Lunch provided on the last day.
*Prices may increase.


Registration, payment, handicap, score submission, and results via Deemples app only.


Registration is via the Deemples app.

Download for iOS
Download for Google Play




If you already have Deemples installed, search for “Deemples Open“, or join all 3 days by clicking on the links below:

Stroke play. Max score 10 per hole.

  • Prize(s) for total 3-day low net scores.
  • Prize(s) for total 3-day low gross score.


If you’d like to be a sponsor, get in touch at hello@deemples.com

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Deemples Handicap

Where can I get the Deemples app?

You can download the app for FREE from your iTunes App Store or Google Play.


What is a Deemples Handicap?

The Deemples Handicap lets you score your friends after your golf game using the Deemples app. You can never score yourself, making it the fairest golf handicap system! Read more about how it works on our blog post here, and here.


What if I don’t have a Deemples Handicap? Can I still participate?

Yes! But it’s to your benefit to have a Deemples Handicap as the final scoresheet will only use the Deemples handicap to calculate your score. There is still plenty of time between now till the Open to get yourself a Deemples Handicap.


How do I get a Deemples Handicap?

Just play 5 games using the Deemples app, and get a minimum of 2 flight mates to key in your scores after every game.


Can anyone join?

Yes! You just need to have the Deemples app. It is a FREE download for anyone in the world.


How do I choose which package if I want the 2N or 4N hotel?

Right after joining the game on Deemples, leave a note in the box:

  • Golf only
  • 2N package
  • 4N package

Getting there

What is the nearest airport?

Senai International Airport (JHB), Johor – 3km


How do I get to the venue from the airport?

Your best bet will be to use Grab and key in “Le Grandeur Palm Resort Johor”.


I will be driving there, where do I head to?

Key in “Le Grandeur Palm Resort Johor” into your GPS, or here are the links if you’re using:


Are the rooms shared?

No, everyone will have their own rooms.


Can I request for a specific type of room?

Yes, you can request directly with the hotel after making your payment.


Can I upgrade my room by paying extra?

Yes, just contact the hotel directly after making your payment.

Players & Pairings

When are the tee-times?

  • 26 June (Friday): 12:30pm
  • 27 June (Saturday): 12:30pm
  • 28 June (Sunday): 8:00am

Where can I get pairing sheets?

It will be made available on the day itself.


Where do I go on the day?

Follow the signages set up, and there will be a table at the lobby for any enquiries and to pick up the pairing sheets.