Deemples Golf pairing app Takes Awkward Pairings Out of Golfers

A lot of golfers had been facing a lot of problems when it comes to finding their golf partners. But no worries, because it happens to all of us and we might just have the best golf pairing app for you guys. We call it Deemples: an app that aims to get rid your golf pairing problems for good.


The advantages of Deemples golf pairing app.


1. Play with any golfers.

Or you can called it random pairings, because most of Deemples user have a trouble looking for golf partners. So what they do is, they just join any game created by other Deemples user if it suits their time and places. With thousand of active users, we assure you that you will not have any trouble finding your golf buddies through this golf pairing app in the markets that we support.


2. Avoid the painstaking difficulty of creating golf pairings.

This is because most people running golf leagues, golf tournaments  or even a simple golf rounds would love to avoid the painstaking difficulty of creating golf pairings that mixes players well with minimal repeats from round to round. If you find yourself in that position, we recommend you to use Deemples golf pairing app to quickly create your games and let others join you . Simply generate a game for a single flight, or multi flight through the app.


3. Create your golf pairings with 5 simple selections.

  1. Create a new game and name your game.
  2. Select your game options (single flight, multi flight or driving range).
  3. Choose the number of holes you want to play.
  4. Designate the size of your golf groups (2-somes, 3-somes, 4-somes, etc.)
  5. Select the date, time ,price and venue for your games.


4.  Save Your time.

I kid you not, with Deemples golf pairing app,  golfers can reduces the amount of time spent on putting together a team by 80%. Simply, by providing the other golfers a chance to play with any golfer that they can pair with. And, it eliminates the need to contact friends individually and multiple back and forth phone calls.


P.S. Deemples is here to help make sure you never play golf alone or skip golf because you can’t find anyone to play with. Simply create a game and let others join you. Click here to find out more!

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