Deemples Monthly Medal August 2020

This is the 3rd month of the brand new Deemples Monthly Medal, where you can participate anytime anywhere! We’re into the Deemples Monthly Medal August 2020 now, where the same thing continues, rewarding you to golf more and play your best golf you ever can.

If you’re not sure how this works, click here. Basically create/join a game on Deemples, and get 2 other friends to submit your scores hole by hole for you.

If you’re not sure how scores and handicaps are calculated, check out “Golf Handicap Score Submission”.

Last month, 127 people participated, let’s see if more participate this month. For this month, thanks to Selesa Resort, Be Golf Pro, and GoodGame Golf for coming in as sponsors!

Currently, prizes for Aug 2020 Deemples Monthly Medal are:

The leaderboard will be updated here on a weekly basis, so you can see at all times where you’re standing. If you want to know if your scores were successfully submitted, just click on the top right corner of your game page in Deemples to access the game result.

What are you waiting for, participate today!😀

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