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Best practices for golf clubs accepting payments from golfers

8 January 2020

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Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you already have your golf clubs’ bank account approved with Deemples and can start accepting payments upfront from golfers.

The Deemples upfront payment facility helps golf clubs because of all the reasons here.

There are some best practices that we thought we’d share here, so we all get the most out of this facility, improve our yield, and secure revenue upfront.

Best practices for golf clubs accepting payment

Now that it’s possible for you to accept payments upfront from golfers, there are a few changes you should make to make upfront payments work better for you.

Price at the Counter

Payment at the counter should be your most expensive option. Similar to paying for airline tickets at the counter. There is no reason why airlines should give a discount when you’re already at the counter. The only reason you’re there at the counter is that you know you have to travel and everything is already almost filled up since it’s closing to departure time.

Give a reason for your customers to pay you upfront.

No one else benefits the most but the golf clubs when golfers pay upfront. So, give them a reason to do so. If the price at the counter is the same as if golfers pay upfront, then golfers are not going to do so. Then the risk is back on the golf club.

If golfers pay upfront, they bear the risk, hence we need to give them a reason to bear that risk.

Different golf clubs do it different ways:

Some have been inspired by airlines and hotels, and give massive discounts if you buy very far in advance. Examples could be: 50% off if paid more than 3 months before tee time, 30% off if paid 1-3 months before tee time, 20% off if paid 1 week to 1 month before tee time, 10% off if paid within 1 week before tee time, and full price at the counter.

Some also do it depending on occupancy rates. For example, for a Saturday morning tee time with normal rates at $100 per person and there are 120 slots available:

PriceSlots available
$60First 10 slots
$80Next 10 slots
$100Next 40 slots
$120Next 30 slots
$140Next 30 slots

While golf clubs provide discounts for early payment, latecomers pay a premium, especially for a very prime Saturday morning slot. This helps golf clubs secure revenue upfront much easier. Cancelation risks are transferred from the golf club to the golfer.

Cancelations and Refunds

It’s really up to the golf course to decide on refund policies. We recommend to state these upfront, so that golfers are aware. It’s all part and parcel of the upfront discounted price. If golfers prefer not to assume the risk, they can always pay at the counter at more premium rates, if there are slots available.

Suggestions for refunds/cancelations:

  • Quote only non-refundable rates
  • Provide items in-kind for example merchandise, vouchers instead of cash for refunds. That way, revenue is still secured, and golfers can still return to play.

How does it all work on Deemples:

So if you’re not already been introduced to, there has been an admin portal that Deemples has provided to your team where you can:

  • View/Create/Edit/Delete all games happening at your golf club.
  • Chat with participants in all games happening at your golf club.
  • See details of games and participants, including contact information, handicaps, and prices of tee times.

Now that you have the payments installed and bank accounts connected:

  • You will get notified when a golfer joins a game at your golf club
  • You can send the golfer a payment request via the admin portal
  • The golfer can then pay via the Deemples app with available payment options
  • Once golfer makes the payment, you will be sent the net amount (minus Deemples payment facility fee) to your nominated bank account based on the payout schedule. Current payout schedules are every 16:00:00 MYT on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.
  • Upon commencement of that specific game, you will get an email with a list of players, the amounts they have paid, and the amounts you get in your bank account.


What if golfers are club members, member’s guests, or have different special rates based on specific agreements with travel agents/social golf clubs?

Deemples is a facility which allows you to accept payments regardless of rate tiers. We understand golf clubs have many different rates for members, guests, visitors, affiliates, reciprocals, travel agents, social golf clubs, societies, discount cards, vouchers, seniors, juniors, ladies, professionals. Regardless of the rate, you can accept payment from anyone at whatever rate you wish.

For example, for members, you can charge them purely a buggy fees. Some clubs are walking clubs, so you could even charge them a token $5 booking fees, to secure their slots.

If they have green fee vouchers, or any other special rates, just charge them the special rate via Deemples, so that you can secure that revenue upfront.

Remember to get verification of status to claim that special rate, otherwise, the golfer would have to pay premium prices at the counter!

What if a golf society is organizing their own competition, and rates include competition fees and allowances for prizes?

If you see that the game is a competition and fees stated are much more than usual. Reach out to the host to inquire and assist. There are a few ways you can help out:

  1. Ask if you can help the host accept all payments, then return the extras so that the host can run their competition smoothly. That way it’s easier for the golf club to track participation, and easier for golfers to make the payment too.
  2. If the host prefers, you as the golf club can just quote for green fees, while the rest of the payment for the competition can be made directly to the host on game day.
  3. Or, the host could prefer payment to be made directly to the host and not via the golf club. In this scenario, you would definitely want to accept an upfront payment from the host to book this slot for their competition!


Our goals are Deemples is to use technology to provide the best experience for the golfer and golf club, making it easy and seamless to find other golfers to golf with, make payment, register for your game, get a handicap, submit scores at the end of the game, and automate game result calculations.

We’ll continue ensuring all these features are at tip-top conditions and are constantly improves to meet the golf industry’s expectations. One day, we hope, the golf industry would be as advanced as the other companies in the travel industry ie Airlines, Hotels, Transportation.

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